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Alexander Lysov

Работы художников Frida Fine Arts в клубном офисе Cabinet Lounge (29.06 - 31.12.2012)

Alexander Lysov, Moscow (25.01 - 01.02.2012)


All works can be printed in 3x10 meters size in 5 parts 2x3 m

Artist Alexander Lysov: C Prints pieces are up to 150x300 cm size, direct print on acrylic glass. 2010. Every print is unique. cv Statement Generative art refers to any art practice where the artist uses a system, such as a set of natural language rules, a computer program, a machine, or other procedural invention, which is set into motion with some degree of autonomy contributing to or resulting in a completed work of art. Complex systems typically have a large number of small parts or components that interact with similar nearby parts and components. These local interactions often lead to the system organizing itself without any master control or external agent being "in charge". Such systems are often referred to as being self-organizing. I create my pieces using computer software and mathematical algorithms modeling a complex system, that can be ordered or highly disordered. This system produce digital images with a certain degree of autonomy through the use of random or pseudo-random data that affect or completely determine the outcome. I use the method of modeling errors and failures that occur in processes that use the program, introducing some amount of chaos in a mathematically exact result, giving it some autonomy. Accumulating subtle failures eventually lead to the emergence of the uniqueness of each image, destabilizing the visual structure. For me the creative process is always associated with the method of trial and error, and analysis of their impact is more inter- esting than the creation of something perfect. Ideality is a kind of totalitarianism, the same failure, it is destroyed, and modeling of failure in the system, introduce the system in an infinite recursion, which it makes a semblance of life. In my projects I use self-developed software, that can work with big massives of data and generate large digtal images (up to 3 Gigapixels). Images usually print on acrylic glass once. No additional copies can be printed. In installations I use light sources controlled by microprocessor, video projection, reflective materials, etc.


Solo exhibitions
2010 Exhibition in Naberezhnaya Tower, Moscow


Group exhibitions
2010 "PROTO 2" Art-Residence Moscow
2010 "Interpolare", Vienna, Austria
2010 Artraum "Exhibition" Khohlovsky 7, Moscow
2010 "Freedom of Creativity" DK VDNH Moscow
2010 "PROTO" Art-Residence Moscow
2010 "Kamasutra spoon" Moscow Museum of Modern Art, II Moscow International Biennale of Young Art
2010 "Intimate capital" II Moscow International Biennale of Young Art
2010 " translation" exhibition in Moscow
2010 "Armyano-Ross", Russian-Armenian cultural project, exhibition in Moscow
2010 Node1.Moscow (curator) Art-Residence, Moscow
2010 "Freedom of choice" exhibition, Vspolny galeery, Moscow
2010 "City One Minutes" in "Garage" Art Center, Moscow
2010 "100 friends of Oblaco" home exhibition
2010 "Bozar-3", Moscow (public-art one-day exhibition)
2010 "City One Minutes" on-line exibition
2010 "New Culture Festival", Moscow
2010 "iPhone Therefore iArt" Chicago Art Department, Chicago, USA
2010 "Bozar-2" (public-art one-day exhibition), Moscow
2009 Bozar-1, Moscow (public-art one-day exhibition)
2009 Home exhibitions "California", "Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood", "Home museum", "Graphics pt.1" Moscow
2009 Frieze Projects Open Call 2009, London
2009 "Deriner Cry" public performance, Moscow
2009 "Second Square", "Open Scene theater" Moscow
2009 Art-Residence opening, exhibition in Moscow
2008 "Regale" Zverev's center of contemporary art, Moscow
2007 "Genius Loci" Khohlovsky 7, Moscow
2007 "Migration" Artraum, Khohlovsky 7, Moscow
2007 Raum" Artraum, Khohlovsky 7, Moscow
2007 "Ecosystem" Artraum, Khohlovsky 7, Moscow
2007 "TRaum" Artraum, Khohlovsky 7, Moscow

Art-director of Artraum since 2006

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