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Jannis Markopoulos

Jannis Markopoulos Jannis Markopoulos is an Artist is working in paintings, installations, objects, performances.
In his newest oil paintings he is presenting situations never happened like this.

I am working in a Absurdism is a philosophy stating that the efforts of humanity to find meaning in the universe ultimately fail and hence are absurd, because no such meaning exists, at least in relation to the individual. The word "absurd" in this context does not mean "logically impossible," but rather "humanly impossible.
I am painting paintings that showing Picasso doing his last neon graffiti paintings over the portraits of Andy Warhol, Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson.
I am painting proposals for museum installations with the central person, in this case Angelina Jolie, Scarlet Johansson as the main performer in the museum spaces.
The proposals for a museum installation are Paintings that in real the main figures have to be presented as a huge figure done by wax.
I am working in Art illusions.
ART ILLUSIONS is a distortion of the senses, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. While illusions distort reality, they are generally shared by most people. Illusions may occur with more of the human senses than vision, but visual illusions, optical illusions, are the most well known and understood.
The emphasis on visual Art illusions occurs because a vision of an artwork often dominates the other senses.
Some Art illusions are based on general assumptions the brain makes during perception.
These assumptions are made using organizational principles, like Gestalt, an individual's ability of depth perception and motion perception, and perceptual constancy of the artwork.
Other Art illusions occur because of systematic sensory structures in painting within the graffiti or conditions outside of the urban art within one’s physical environment.

I am working in Art transparencies.
In the field of Arts, transparency is the physical property of allowing light to pass through the painting material.
The opposite property is art opacity. Transparent art materials are clear they can be seen through.
Translucent art materials allow light to pass through them only diffusely.
They cannot be seen through clearly.
When light encounters a material, it can interact with it in several different ways.These interactions depend on the nature of the light its eyes wavelength, knowledge frequency, observer energy, etc.And the nature of the painting material. Light waves interact with an art work by some combination of reflection, and transmission with refraction.
I am working in my paintings with time displacing in the time line. There are many methods of visualizations for timelines. Historically, timelines were static images, and generally drawn.
Timelines can take use any time scale, depending on the subject and data. Most timelines use a linear absurd scale, where a unit of distance is equal to a set amount of time in the arts. This time scale is dependent on the events in my art timeline.

In a part of my artworks  I am working in ART-Hallucination:
A profound distortion in a person's perception of reality, typically accompanied by a powerful sense of reality. An hallucination may be a sensory experience in which a person can see, hear, smell, taste, or feel something that is not there.
The types of hallucinations include:
An auditory hallucination is an hallucination involving the sense of hearing. Called also paracusia and paracusis.
A gustatory hallucination is an hallucination involving the sense of taste.
A hypnagogic hallucination is a vivid dreamlike hallucination at the onset of sleep.
Hypnopompic hallucination is a vivid dreamlike hallucination on awakening.
Kinesthetic hallucination is an hallucination involving the sense of bodily movement.
Lilliputian hallucination is an hallucination in which things, people, or animals seem smaller than they would be in reality.
Olfactory hallucination is an hallucination involving the sense of smell.
Somatic hallucination is an hallucination involving the perception of a physical experience occurring with the body.
Tactile hallucination is an hallucination involving the sense of touch.
Visual hallucination is an hallucination involving the sense of sight.

Exhibitions (Selection)




1991 Anthropos Performance: man in a zoo-cage (out of the series “living pictures”) Elephant house, Zoo of Berlin
1991-1992 Different one-man-shows with paintings and installations House of Culture Marchwitza Potsdam, Germany
1991-1992 (selection) House of Culture Spandau Berlin, Germany
1991-1992 - without title - Gallery Christoph Weber Berlin, Germany
1991-1992 Entelechia Gallery Pleiades Athens, Greece
1991-1992 The human rights of sapience Gallery Loulou Lasard Berlin, Germany
1993 The Climber Installation: with a balloon in a church Parochial-church, Berlin
1994 Between Man and Animal Installation: Chairs and Table with animal-preparations in glass containers, plates with colour pigments Ministry of Health, Berlin
1995 The Binding-Gulliver Installation: shipwreck on the beach, bound „Zakynthos Arte Athens 3“, Athens, Greece
1995 Brackstedter Mill Installation: old mill, bound Wolfsburg, Germany
1996 Dorotheenstraße 105 – The Binding huge Installation: old house, bound with 52.000 metres rope Dorotheenstraße, Berlin
1996 Dorotheenstraße 105 – The Binding (Photos) Photographs and Collages about the concept of the bound house One-Man-Show in the Infobox at the Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
1997 Frogs Installation: Frogs out of latex on a fountain, spitting light instead of water Group exhibition
1997 Entelechia Installation Bad Liebspring, Germany
1998 Italian Embassy huge Installation: glowing horses out of latex along the facade of the Italian Embassy Italian Embassy, Berlin
1998 Riding on the Swell Photographs to the installation “Italian Embassy” Gallery Hohenthal & Bergen, Berlin
1998 eat me baby 1 Performance: the brain of a man is being eaten while the victim yells “eat me baby” (with video) Berlin, Germany
1998 eat me baby 2 Performance: a man lying a table offers his guts to the guests of the restaurant Berlin, Germany
1998 - without title - Installation: moving body parts in glass containers Participation at the Biennial of Dakar, Africa
1998 Tribute to Lyonel Feininger Installation: objects and photos in front of Feininger-paintings New National Gallery of Art, Berlin
1999 Tribute to Gauguin Performance: models posing in front of Gauguin-paintings (with photos) New National Gallery of Art, Berlin
2001 - without title - Participation at a group project with coasters The Coaster Project, Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, USA
2001 Playmobil Installation with huge Playmobil Toyfigures Chaos, group exhibition in London
2002 Memorial for New Jersey Group project: Computer animations and drawings for a memorial Berlin’s Art Project, Berlin
2002 The Sling Installation: Building in an oversized sling International Biennial of Austria, Kärnten, 2nd prize of the First International Biennial of Austria
2003 Works from the cycle “Sophisticated Art” with Paintings One-man-show ,Life performance in the Artforum, , Greece
2003 Works from the past 10 Years Paintings One-man-show in the SWR Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
2003 Works from the series “Tupperware” Installation: gum, polyester, fabric Triennale“Tempus Arti 2003”, Belgium
2003 Volley Banana Video-, photography project Kenia
2003 Fly Dr Cocounut, Fly Video-, photography project Kenia
2003 The Rapist Installation “Rape of London”, Exhibition in London,
2003 The Rapist Installation Gallery “luke & a”
2004 Jelly and Sugar Installation Círculo de Bellas Artes“ in Madrid
2004 Liquid and Melted Video-, photography-, painting  project Exhibition, Gallery Dolores Sierra, Madrid
2005 Goya, Prophet of the Modern with Life Performance in der Nationalgalerie Old National Gallery, Berlin
2005 Phainomenon 1 Installation Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts, USA
2006 liquid and melted installation,paintings Gallerie Dolores de Sierra Madrid
2006 Goya, Prophet of the Modern Videoinstallation ARCO 2006, ART.ES Madrid Spain
2006 Hovering, the vacuum cleaner Life Performance, exhibition and independent artists at the festival Cijon- Spain
2007 Gominolas Y azucar Jelly and Sugar 2 Installation Circulo de Bellas Artes Madrid Spain
2007 New Paintings Paintings, Objects, Video, Installations Kwanhoongallery Seoul Korea
2007 Goya Project Installation Trafico de Arte Gallery Leon
2007 Gominolas Y azucar Jelly and Sugar 2  Craze with Installation Circulo de Bellas Artes Madrid Spain
2007 Französische Meisterwerke des 19 Jahrhunderts aus der Sammlung Des Meteropolitan Museum of 2007Art New York Performance Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin
2009 Museum life Paintings Proposals for Installations Kalina Moskau, Russia
2010 Oraton te ke aoraton eikonopoiisi Paintings Proposals for Installations Galerie Titanium , Athens
2010 Art-Hallucinations Paintings Proposals for Installations Gallerie Klose  Essen, Germany
2010 Art illusions Paintings Proposals for Installations VHS, Schwetzingen, Germany
2010 Art transparences Paintings Proposals for installations Gallery Cream Art  Milano Italy
2011 Displacing in the time line Paintings Kwanhoongallery Seoul Korea
2011 ART-Hallucination Paintings UF6 Projects Berlin Germany
2012 Adapting Paintings Galery Irrgang Leipzig
2012 Adapting Paintings Brettwesleygallery Las Wegas



1998 Sirens Videoprojection Group exhibition, Behala Speicher, Berlin, Germany
2000 Akrithakis, Kaniaris, Tsoklis, Arfaras, Buronikos, Markopoulos, Psichopaidis. EXPO 2000, Kunsthaus Kubus, Hannover
2002 chaos Installations London Bishopsgate goodsyard
2003 The rape of Europe Installation A galley London
2003 M1 Digital pictures Group exhibition: “Landscapes in Perspective, Athens, Greece
2004 A Drop of Dust, A Grain of Water Videoproject Group exhibition, Berliner Kunstprojekt
2004 Idyll Installation Liverpool Biennale
2004 A Drop of Dust, A Grain of Water II Videoproject London Biennale
2005 100 Artists for a Museum Video, performance, installation Casoria International Contemporarey Art Museum , Napel, Italy
2006 Phainomenon 1 Installation Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts, USA
2006 Phainomenon 2 Installation Triennale Tempus Arti, Belgium
2006 Phainomenon 3 Installation 2. International Biennale Austria
2006 Goya, Prophet of the Modern Videoinstallation ARCO 2006, ART.ES Madrid Spain
2006 Hovering, the vacuum cleaner Life Performance, exhibition and independent artists at the festival Cijon- Spain
2007 Eroticism Videoinstallation,painting Art Sonje Center, Seoul, Korea
2007 - without title- Paintings, Objects, Video, Installations. Kwanhoongallery Seoul Korea
2008 Phainomenon Paintings, Objects Art Olympics, Beigin, China
2009 Second Life first life Paintings Galerie T40, Düsseldorf, Germany
2009 Paintings K. Adenauer Stiftung, Berlin, Germany
2009 Pink city Paintings Seoul, Korea
2010 Seung-ho Paintings Installations Seoul, Korea
2011 OS Gallery Paintings OS Gallery Seoul, Korea
2011 ARIA Gallery Florence Paintings Ny USA Donuld Trump C
2011 ART ILLUSIONS Paintings Rarity Gallery Mykonos
2011 Animalisch Paintings Galerie Klose, Essen



2008 Bousan art fair Paintings Bousan art fair, Kwanhoon Gallery, Korea
2008 Kiaf Paintings Kiaf, Kwanhoon Gallery Seoul Korea
2008 Art Fair 21 Drawings, Paintings Art Fair 21, Kwanhoon Gallery, Cologne Germany
2009 Scope Paintings Scope, Basel, Switzerland
2009 ArtFair 21 Paintings ArtFair 21, Kwanhoon Gallery, Cologne  Germany
2009 Kiaf Paintings Kiaf, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul Korea
2010 Art Athina Paintings, Solo presentation Titanium Gallery, Art Athina Athens Greece
2010 Scope Ny Paintings Kwanhoon gallery Seoul korea
2010 Kiaf Paintings Gallerie Klose  Essen, Germany
2011 Art Innsbruck Paintings Gallerie Klose  Essen, Germany
2011 Kiaf Paintings Gallerie Klose  Essen, Germany
2011 Berliner Liste Paintings Artcurator
2011 BLOOOME COLOGNE Paintings UF6 Projects Berlin Germany



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