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15.05.2023 - 15.07.2023


Frida Project Foundation представляет выставку MARTIN KIPPENBERGER.

Место проведения: Дубай, частная галерея Frida Project Foundation

Даты проведения: 15 мая по 15 июля 2023

Martin Kippenberger (1953-1997)

„Die verhinderten Flanelläppchen / The prevented flannel flaps“, 1981/82
Oil on canvas
10 parts, 50 x 60cm each

Subtitles: AOK | View of the neighboring table | Elderly lady cleaning the house | Salvation of any residential community | Dortmund chimney | My friend Udo | Those who dig in stay alone | In underground shops the tables are still square | Small apartment, deep views | Spiritual fruits

Gallery owner Hans-Jürgen Müller (purchase directly from his artist friend Martin Kippenberger)
Private Collection, Germany
Since 1984 on permanent loan to Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt

1984-2023, Tiefe Blicke: Kunst der achtziger Jahre aus der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, der DDR, Österreich und der Schweiz, Hessisches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt, Germany

Exhibition catalogue, Tiefe Blicke: Kunst der achtziger Jahre aus der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, der DDR, Österreich und der Schweiz, ed. by Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Hessischen Landesmuseums in Darmstadt, DuMont Buchverlag, Cologne, 1985, ISBN 3-7701-1740-9, Color image p. 53

About the work

Kippenberger's series was created during his second trip to Italy, when he translated the themes he had photographed back into painting. The decisive idea was the principle of the series, in which various standard themes were taken up. „I was kind of offended by the simplicity of the painting. I thought to myself that if I am to submit a picture, this and this topic must be dealt with. As I skip a topic in a lecture, sometimes not finishing it, letting it be replaced, two or three topics should definitely go together. I didn't want to commit to one style.“

Kippenberger began his painting with the standard format of 50 x 60 cm and with motifs that had a reliable effect. Many pictures were made into sentences that had proved effective. The working method was similar to that of the first visit to Italy.

Kippenberger reacted to his surroundings. Known painting styles were caricatured. Expressionist landscapes popped up alongside cubist Sherlock Holmes. The „Dortmund Schornstein“ is a Lüpertz figure. The multimedia of the past was now limited to painting.

Jean-Christoph Ammann wrote: „One would have to say of Kippenberger that he paints as diversely (styleless) and differentiated as the idea demands: sketchy, tomboyish, emphatically painterly ... The flippant nature of the moralist Kippenberger has thus gained a commitment that previously not expressed to the same extent.“

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