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Jacob Aizenshtat-Abstract and Processed Photographs. ОАЭ, Дубай
Jacob Aizenshtat-Abstract and Processed Photographs. ОАЭ, Дубай
01.04.2024 - 31.05.2024


Jacob Aizenshtat, born in Jerusalem, 2001. Son of the artist Alexander Aizenshtat.

Aizenshtat's art is characterized by diversity. His work spreads over several directions. Classic black and white style, lightly processed color photos, photographs of objects and textile compositions created uniquely by him, as well as color processed photographs and abstract works.

In this presentation we present works out of two categories. First category is absolutely realistic works that were processed extensively through color and
contrast. Everything seems to be real but some kind of tension falls out because of what we see. Perhaps this is the moment of creation - the act of creation, the mystery of being that lurks in this ‘ordinary reality’. Second category is works based on photos of a certain nature, which is no longer visible in the completed art but stands as a new independent abstract composition. Some of them resemble geographic maps. The author conceals the original source of these photos. They are decorative but still mysterious and attractive , pushing us to different assumptions.

Место проведения: ОАЭ, Дубай

Даты проведения: с 1 апреля по 31 мая 2024 года.

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